Clock Live Wallpaper Battery Level App


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Are you looking for new clock wallpaper, as well as then you are at right place in the 9apps store. It filled with fresh tools on various categories to save without meeting any risk of it. This platform is updated with new version of the various apps. Here the clock live wallpaper is a new version that is open to installing as well as change background with the clock image. It is one of the majority loveable analogs for the mobile screen as well as also collects the different live image which is out with the option of batter level. Hence it is loved by major people to get a notification before the mobile is getting into low. This theme lets to show the time zone as well as it is quite simple to run over the device so it would be easy as well as more relax for the customer. 


It has analog wallpaper 

This tool has the option to set this display on home screen 

It has low-level battery indictor 

It shows off the current battery percentage 

It has a calendar widget to run with the new experience 

It has a clock battery widget which more easy to understand the best ideas. 

It has screen adapted for tablets as well as another hand device 

It has screen adapted for best galaxy s8 as well as much more new version device

It has small bugs fixed 

Once considering these special features users can start to enjoy the tool as well as set as wish wallpaper at any time.


 To remain user with this tool, they have update special features so it is necessary to check out as well as updated special features often. This tool has special features such as

1.09 apk 

1.08 apk 

1.06 apk 

1.05 apk 

Hope you can simply try out as well as get the best look at setting look at all time.